11 Reasons “Top Chef” Is The Best of “Reality” Competition

People compete over a lot of things on “reality” TV: love, survival, jobs, student-loan forgiveness and even other people’s junk. The competition for the title of Top Chef, however, is hands down the best of them all. No doubt living in New Orleans, one of the culinary capitals of the

In Trump’s America Not Even Terrorists Attacks Unite Us

Ten pipe-bombs and counting have been mailed to current and former high-ranking government officials, including two former-presidents, a former-vice president and a current member of congress. They were also mailed to two US citizens and a news organization. These attempted terrorist attacks against our country, however, have not served to

Straight from the Mind of Jonathan Burrello, The Creator of Blinky and Sal

An interview with Blinky and Sal creator, Jonathan Burrello. Staci: So, you and I last saw each other when you were teaching in Madrid and I saw an improv show you did down there. Catch me up on the last couple of years. Jonathan: Since Madrid, I’ve moved to Montreal and have

Other Than the Flag, What Do Republicans Stand for Anymore?

This week, once Trump found out less than ten players from the Super Bowl Champion, Philadelphia Eagles, had accept the Race-Baiter-in-Chief’s invite to the White House, he uninvited them. He then, in typical Trump fashion, lied about why and said it was because some of them had knelt during pre-game

I’m Sexist and You’re Racist and that Might be OK

For nearly three years I've been lucky enough to call New Orleans - the most enthralling city I've ever been to - home. In those three years, I've also taken up a new hobby: not letting White New Orleanians pat themselves on the back too hard while talking about how

I Dream of India: The Most Interesting Country in the World

Of the 53 countries I’ve traveled to, thus far, I can say without hesitation that India has been the most interesting. It was, from the moment I crossed the border from Nepal by foot, an assault on the senses in both good and bad ways. The food, the running riot

Trump Says Dance, Boy, or Else!: The NFL Protests

Recently added to my ever growing list of reasons to despise the current president is the impossible position he put black NFL players in. He called players taking a knee during the national anthem-and please excuse my langue while I quote the president -“sons of bitches,” and then tweeted out