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Why I Love EDM

2005-Tiesto_DSC_0384-Ultra-SBI discovered my first Electronic Dance Music (EDM) track through Xanga back in ’04. This was before mollies blew up and Tiesto’s In Search of Sunrise was at its peak. The era Darude’s Sandstorm swept across the nation and DJ Encore, DJ Sammy and the Global Deejays was popular.  My friends and I would bump tracks from Cascada as we’d do canyon runs in Malibu, cruise down PCH and sneak out after curfew. Before I knew it 10 years passed. Although things changed, my love for EDM remained. Those carefree years wouldn’t have been the same without it.

unnamedMy first EDM event was EDC of 2009, the year the King of Pop had passed. I still remember how nervous yet excited I felt entering the LA Coliseum looking out into a sea of people. The sun set to Kaskade playing “Move for me.” Michael Jackson’s tribute was unforgettable as everyone sang along. Although it was cold that night, the energy kept everyone warm. And when Benny Benassi dropped his bootleg of Madonna’s Vogue, it made my night.

1I found myself at my 2nd EDC where the venue moved to Vegas, in 2012. The set-up was breath-taking. But an hour into Markus’ set, Armin announced that the show was being cancelled due to high winds in the area. I was skeptical, bummed and in disbelief. My group of friends and I sat in a circle and sang “Sun and Moon” to lift our spirits. It made others around us feel better, too. And believe it or not my soul mate was right in front of me that night though we didn’t start kicking it then, it’s just amazing to see how music brings people together. If you need evidence, I still have the video.

A few months after I texted my soul mate “Merry Christmas Eve.” We have mutual friends so we’d always make small talk and keep in touch. We went out the next day. He’s an aspiring DJ while my dream (more like a fantasy) is to become a vocalist. Even if that may not be in our destiny, we’re already sharing our dream when I’m in his arms with my headphones on. Without a doubt EDM brought us together. It continues to keep us together and help us grow. Each event we attend, every time we go to our version of “The Island” (reference MaRLo ft. Jano’s song), all of the amazing people we are able to share the same love and passion for EDM with, reminds us of the blessings.


EDM not only changed my life, but it continues to show me the purpose of living: the beauty, the blessings, and the wonderful people you meet along the way. It’s a lifestyle, a religion; it keeps us alive and well. EDM is the only group of music that can talk about the end of the world, of love, lust, heartbreak and dance and always sound so beautiful. It affects each and every one of us who listen to it in an unexplainable way. It helps open up our mind and soul to a whole new world. It touches my soul in a way nothing else can. No other genre of music comes close to how high EDM makes me feel. It hits you and there isn’t any “come down”.

Justeen Yang
Justeen Yang has often been referred to as the princess of EDM. An avid fan of names like Armin van Buuren and Markus Schulz, Justeen can be found all over the west coast partying her hind parts off at various club and massive events. When not vibing to the sounds of electronic music, she spends time with her cat and lives by the motto, "Stay hungry, stay humble."

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