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Top 5 Proposals of All Time

So the other day, I’m talking to a co-worker about his recent nuptials.  Out of curiosity, I asked him how he proposed. So apparently, he was getting ready to leave for Korea to see his parents and he said these words to his then girlfriend (and now wife): If you want to get married, I need to book the tickets to Korea now. I was shocked to say the least. Could it really take that little effort? So, like any good writer, I started doing some research. My results were, well, really messed up. Apparently, my co-worker got off real easy because these other guys? Well, let’s just say that they make 99% of all guys look like pieces of sh!t. So without further delay, I will go ahead and ruin every single proposal idea ever conceived by any guy by presenting the NSB’s Top 5 Proposals of All Time!

5. Unfortunately, You need a plane for this.

4. Downtown Disney?

3. Traffic? What traffic?

2. The Sappy Trailer

1. I Think I Wanna Marry You

Think our list is wrong? Have any amendments? Sound off in the comments below!

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