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Top 4 Games to Look forward to in 2014

characters_51e49a4e4a119A lot of amazing games have already come out in 2014. We have Titanfall for those of you who like First Person Shooters, Infamous: The Second Son for those who like the open-ended-world-type games, and Diablo III: Reaper of Souls. From big budget games to old time classics, if you’re unsure of what games to look forward to in 2014, here are some titles that I’m pretty sure will bring you countless hours of enjoyment no matter how old you are.

Starting off at Number 4. Mario Kart 8 (Wii U)

These high-octane games with their fancy graphics are great and all, but sometimes, you just want a classic. There are very few games that fulfill that requirement. But there is one company that never fails to bring back a classic each time they release a new system” Nintendo.

No matter what the iteration, Mario Kart has always been a joy to play with friends. Sure, some friendships have ended due to the competitive and trash-talking aspect of the game. But hey. Sometimes, your right to brag outweighs their right to have a single shred of pride. Based on the videos, Nintendo stepped up their game graphically and gameplay wise. This is one of two reasons I am seriously considering buying a Wii U.

Number 3. Destiny (PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One)

Either Bungie is really lucky, or they have the right mindset to develop super awesome games. Halo was one of the games that put consoles on the map. It was intuitive, fun to play, and it even had a pretty epic story to boot. It was so successful that they were able to develop 3 more sequels and a prequel. Even when they wanted to stop making more Halo games, Microsoft took the IP and gave it to someone else.
Now they have anew brainchild that they are working on. Destiny. You will be traversing a large open ended world with friends, completing missions, shooting monsters and robots with guns and some pretty awesome abilities. Imagine a game where Grand Theft Auto meets Halo meets World of Warcraft.

Number 2. Batman Arkham Knight (PS4 and Xbox One)

If you’ve play all the past games, you know that The Arkham series was one blockbuster after the next. From amazing combat mechanics to the way you can traverse the maps, to the amazing voice acting, this game will never leave you bored. Now they’re bringing it to the Next Generation consoles and it looks doooooope. Not only are they bringing a huge visual update to this series, the game also promises new gameplay elements like driving the Batmobile. Enjoy this video.

Number 1. Super Smash Bros (Wii U)

Now, the release date hasn’t been announced, but I’m an optimist. I hope this game comes out this year. Remember what I said about Mario Kart and how it ends friendships. It’s the same here, but more intense. It was just one of those games that never got old, whether it was fighting against your friends, or fighting with them. And it looks like there are going to be a lot of characters to choose from. Each week they seem to release a new video on a new champion they added. Will it be too much? Probably. But it’ll probably be worth. It’s coming out for both the 3DS and the WiiU, so be ready to empty out your wallets.

Jun Kim
Jun Kim is a writer based out of Los Angeles, California. After graduating with a B.A. in Comparative Literature, he worked as a researcher for a prominent Orange County law firm. Currently he is the head technical writer for a corporate tax consulting firm who splits his day between analyzing tax credit studies and sneaking naps in his office. A self-professed lover of EDM and gamer extraordinaire who loves concerts and moonlit strolls to liquor stores.

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