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The End is Nigh

world-war-zThe head honchos in Hollywood are probably swimming in a pool filled with all the cash they made from post-apocalyptic movies. What’s great about this genre is that the story could be set at any time and occur for any number of reasons. Zombies, Aliens, Monsters… you name it. Consumers, they just eat it up. Zombieland made $102 million in the box office. Skyline made $73 million. Resident Evil: Retribution made $240 million.

Since the world didnt end in 2012 (thanks for nothing Mayans), these honchos seem more than willing to help us spend our cash.

There are a several big post-apocalyptic movies that are coming out this year alone. The following is a quick review of trailers for released and upcoming movies that fall within this category.

World War Z

Fans of the novel by Max Brooks will agree with me on this one. The movie is not even remotely close to following the book. To be fair, the book itself doesn’t lend itself to the movie format as it is a collection of short stories about each survivor’s experiences a specific point in time during the apocalypse. From the initial outbreak or at the end when humanity fought back. According to Paramount, this movie is about “United Nations employee Gerry Lane (played by Brad Pitt), who traverses the world in a race against time to stop a pandemic that is toppling armies and governments and threatening to decimate humanity itself.”

If I had seen the trailer without having read the book, I would’ve thought that this was going to be an awesome movie and I would’ve dragged my friends into watching it with me. Maybe if the movie had been given a different name.


Tom Cruise stars as Jack Harper, one of the few remaining survivors of a war against aliens. This movie looks amazing for many reasons. Visuals for one. Second, this trailer does everything right. It leaves a sense of “all is not what it seems to be”, kind of like the Matrix. The drones that he repairs early on end up attacking humans. Why? For what reason? And why does Jack have all these flashbacks from events that happened 60 years ago, especially when Jack doesn’t look a day over 40. I definitely want to find out.

This is the End

This trailer is full of awesome. Where do I begin? First off, any movie where Emma Watson beats a guy’s ass is definitely a must see, especially if she robs James Franco, Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, Jay Baruchel, Danny McBride, and Craig Robinson. Kinda makes your wonder how this group of celebrities will survive the end of the world? I’m not quite sure, but it will definitely be fun to watch.

After Earth

Talk about an awesome father/son duo. Humanity has left Earth for unexplained reasons and have settled on Nova Prime. Will Smith and his son Jaden star as Cypher and Katai Raige (a father and son playing a father and son in a movie. How cute is that?). Both have crashed on earth after their ship gets hit by debris and their only hope of rescue is a beacon from the tail end of their ship, located 100 kilometers away (or 60 miles, c’mon Will. I thought this was ‘Murica?) from where they are. Cypher is incapacitated and has no choice but to send his son to traverse through the wilderness where, according to Cypher, the animals had evolved to kill humanity. We will watch as Will teaches his son how to be a man and to survive where no other human could. Perhaps, we will discover why mankind had to ditch Earth in order to survive.

Pacific Rim

I’ve been a long time fan of mecha anime like the Macross, Full Metal Panic, and Evangelion. On the other hand, I was introduced to the Godzilla franchise through Mystery Science Theater. One of the things that turned me off from the Godzilla franchise was that in the movies that I did see, there was nothing that humanity could do to fight against Godzilla and the plethora of other giant monsters that were a part of that universe. We were only victims. This movie fixes all that. Monsters have come through a dimensional portal (a little cheesy, I know, but how else do you explain where they came from?) and humanity must fight back. No big deal. Humanity has giant robots.

Jun Kim
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