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The Boys are Back in Ktown

KTOWN131219-FGH9986A couple months ago, I had the distinct pleasure of playing host to and speaking with Danny Cho, an up and coming Asian comedian whose comic prowess had extended to writing. If you read the piece and/or you were fans from before, you will know that one of his most popular projects was a webseries called Ktown Cowboys. Well, late last night, Danny sends me the email that we’ve all been waiting for. The teaser for Ktown Cowboys is being released with a target of the movie hitting the streets in 2015. Yes, all you fans that helped out on the Kickstarter, the time is finally… almost… here!

footnotes1When I spoke to Danny last, he had said that another webseries was in the works to kick off this whole ordeal and he is set to deliver. Since the movie is coming some time next year, Danny and Daniel “DPD” Park wanted to make sure that they use this time to reacquaint fans with the crew that made us fall in love with Ktown all over again.

The series is going to be called Ktown Footnotes and “depicts the funnier realities of life in Ktown. [It] adds more storytelling depth beyond the film’s plot,” said Danny of the pending soon-to-be-YouTube sensation. For all the people who have yet to be introduced to the Cowboys, have no fear. Danny tells us that each of the episodes of the new series Footnotes will be a stand alone comedy short so no need to get background before you start consuming those. How was it getting back on screen with the other Cowboys? “The sketches were fun to shoot because ultimately these guys are my real friends and so it was fun to mess around on camera with these guys again.”

scene from the web short series Ktown Cowboys Footnotes

KTOWN131219-FGH9986I won’t do too much name dropping. For those of you that read my last article, you’ll know some familiar silver screen and stand up stars will be doing cameos for the new film. What you will be happy to know is that you will be treated to a real, quality film experience. The webseries was shot with no budget, pretty much as barebones as it gets. But thanks to help from fans and some investors, Danny and DPD return to continue their adventures, just on a whole new level.

A behind the scenes look into the feature film Ktown Cowboys, expected to release in 2015.

KTOWN131219-FGH9986KTOWN131219-FGH9986KTOWN131219-FGH9986Those of you who are worried that you will be watching a longer version of Ktown Cowboys the webseries, put those fears to rest. At the start, DPD and Danny knew that they would have to attack this from a different angle, after all, a YouTube short is a far cry from a movie in a theater. With Ken Jeong joining as executive producer, along with DPD’s own ability to craft a quality picture and Danny’s witty writing, you can be sure that the film will deliver on its dramedy roots.

The journey was exciting to say the least and not without its challenges. Funding problems, many rewrites, an intense 22-day filming marathon, writing and filming a webseries… But soon it will all have been worth it. We’re still playing the waiting game, but it’s close. Very close. So make sure you head over to the Ktown Cowboys FB FanPage and give them a like for updates and we’ll all wait for that fateful day together.


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