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8 Cartoon Characters I Wanted To Be When I Was 8

When I was 8, Saturday morning was dedicated to cartoons. I woke up early to be pulled into fantastic worlds filled with mutants, knights, super heroes, and space battles. During the week, my imagination ran wild with daydreams of being some of these characters. This is a list of 8

Best Movies of 2014

  2014 was a great year for film. Whether you like the big blockbusters or the smaller films, there was plenty for you to enjoy. And so much of it was quality. And even the disappointing films tended to be pretty damn interesting anyway. It was a big year and I

2014 Movie Preview

Now that 2013 is over, we can stop arguing about movies that let us down and start looking forward to new movies that will let us down. There are hundreds of movies coming out, but here are some of the highlights for the year.   January 17 Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit This is a

Stuff I miss about being a kid…

Not sure if it’s old age, being stuck at a desk for 9 hours a day, or just having to keep an eye on the balance of my bank account, but there are times when I wish I could just chuck aside all of my responsibilities just for a little

My Top 5 Fictional Villains

With all of the hoopla on Ben Affleck being announced as the new Batman, there have been plenty of discussions as to whether or not Affleck can fill the shoes of Christian Bale. However, when Heath Ledger was announced for the role of Joker, it seemed as if the newly