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Dan’s Top5 Internet Finds (12/23)

So this is Christmasssssssss.  I said that in my John Lennon voice.  2013 Christmas is in a couple days.  Then next week it will be 2014. I like the sound and look of 2014, I think it will be a good year for everyone overall.  Here are my Top5 Internet

Dan’s Top5 Internet Finds (9/2)

Guess who?  Wrong, it's me.  I scoured the website looking for porn cool, interesting, funny (insert positive emotional word here) stuff to share with you this week.  Without further lesser ado, this week's Top5 Finds.  It's literally my best Top5 ever.  Literally the best Top5 of anything...ever. Literally.   1.  LITERALLY!   2. FISH

Dan’s Top5 Internet Finds (8/26)

Wow.  These weeks fly by don't they?  Here's my Top5 Internet Finds from the previous week. Hope you enjoy. If you don't, screw you, screw the hardware you're using to read this, and screw your whole entire family. 1. GOOGLE STREET VIEW I found 25 WTF pics via Google Street View.  My favorite