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All Things Manly: The Crockpot Is Your Friend

Gentlemen, time for another edition of “All Things Manly.” I missed a couple weeks due to spending most of my time engaging in manly behavior such as sharpening my knives, wearing flannel shirts, and not shaving my beard. Most of us are familiar with some basic cooking. Not necessarily in

World Cup 2014: The US is Knocking

With the quadrennial arrival of the World Cup, plenty of electronic ink has been spilled this month about soccer’s place in America. While this topic is worth debating, it’s not what I’d like to get into today. I don’t care about the history of the game here, how it’s grown,

Signs That Your Job is a Keeper

When we sit around the proverbial cooler and start shooting the shit with our peers, most of the talk revolves around how painful our lives are. The truth is, things can always be worse, but bitching is much more entertaining so that's what we do. That being said, we here