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Trump Says Dance, Boy, or Else!: The NFL Protests

Recently added to my ever growing list of reasons to despise the current president is the impossible position he put black NFL players in. He called players taking a knee during the national anthem-and please excuse my langue while I quote the president -“sons of bitches,” and then tweeted out

17 Reasons for Optimism in the Age of Trump

It cannot be understated how much Trump's election has deepened and widened an already enormous divide in our country. Many people have legitimate concerns about this man that are based on things he has said and has already done as president. This is unlike Obama's detractors and their wild conspiracy

6 Lifeskills Gained From Ten Years Abroad

This coming winter marks ten years since I left my cushy government job in the U.S. to move to South Korea, where I’d studied for six months in the course of earning my Master’s in Public Administration, to live. In that time I’ve built a career, started a family, and

Stopping Police Savagery: Not Impossible

Updated: In the wake of the killing of the so called "Gentle Giant" by cops in New York, and the even more recent shooting death of Mike Brown and the police response following the protests and looting that followed, I'm sad to say this article instantly became relevant again just

Long Distances: A Love Story from Nepal

Tim first came to in Nepal 1988 to trek. He then came back another time. And another. And another. Some time later, he is back again, living in a Tibetan refugee settlement for five months. Lobsang’s parents fled Tibet after the Chinese [occupation/liberation] in the 1950s. Her mother died when she was

World Cup 2014: The US is Knocking

With the quadrennial arrival of the World Cup, plenty of electronic ink has been spilled this month about soccer’s place in America. While this topic is worth debating, it’s not what I’d like to get into today. I don’t care about the history of the game here, how it’s grown,

US Victory is Just the First Step

So if you have been watching the World Cup that started last week, you will know that there's been a lot of drama thus far. Today, I want to talk about what the United States needs to do now, after finishing our opening match, a 2-1 victory, with Ghana in