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Why Are Us Indian Guys So Creepy?

I, Sanjay, have been a creepy Indian guy. However, after staying in the West and travelling around, I have come to realize some of the reasons why us Indian guys come across as creepy to the Western world. I would like to give you some of the background of where

Why Aren’t There More Female Solo Travelers?

Why aren't there more female solo travelers? I have been asked this question on multiple occasions in the past few months, mostly by male travelers. While it seems innocuous enough, answering it becomes a bit problematic since it usually leads to over-generalizations and gender stereotypes. After discussing the issue with

So Men Can’t Even Say Hi Now?

What's the big deal? It was mostly just a bunch of guys saying hi and giving a woman compliments, right? In case you've been living under a rock and don't know what Im talking about, a Youtube video recently went viral in which a woman was secretly filmed walking around

Brian’s Red Flags of Dating

You don’t get to be 33 and single without being… how should I put this? A tad bit picky? However, I like to think that as I’ve gotten older, I’ve actually become way less picky than I used to be. It’s not that I’m more willing to settle as much

10 Travel Tips for Backpackers

1. Don’t Over Plan – This one is easy for me because I’m lazy and hate to commit to things, but there are a lot of go-getters out there who want to make the most of every second they have on a trip. Obviously you have to figure out things