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India & Kashmir: One Tweet at a Time

In going to India, I decided to live Tweet my experience.  I actually found it was really helpful for documenting the many random, funny, and potentially interesting and helpful insights everyone has while traveling that are sometimes instantly forgotten. I'll have more to say about India and will share better

A Traveler’s Guide to US Major Metros

Washington DC So let's start on the east coast. Washington DC is the center of our American political system. The city is home to a wide range of professionals who take "networking" to the next level. That means for just about every day in the week, there is some sort of

10 Travel Tips for Backpackers

1. Don’t Over Plan – This one is easy for me because I’m lazy and hate to commit to things, but there are a lot of go-getters out there who want to make the most of every second they have on a trip. Obviously you have to figure out things