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Top 5 Movie Franchises of All Time

Money. Money is awesome and it makes the world go 'round. Movies. Movies are also awesome. They don't make the world turn, but they're damn fun to watch. Well, most of them anyway (that's a post for another day). In any case, wouldn't it be fun if we looked at

The Unintended Consequences of April Fools

For all those looking for a good April Fool’s joke from me, think again. April Fools jokes affect everyone for the worse. Just this morning, Disney has announced that the release date for the new Star Wars movie will be pushed back a year. While they haven’t given an official

J.J. Abrams: Bad for Star Trek, Great for Star Wars

J.J. Abrams will be great for Star Wars for the same exact reasons he was terrible for Star Trek. It’s a bold statement I know. There’s no denying that Abrams successfully rebooted the public’s interest in a sci-fi world that had not produced anything new since 2005. That’s if you

Face Your Fears

I loved movies my whole life. There were a lot of things I saw in movies that really freaked me out when I was young. These are the ones that left the most profound scars on my youthful psyche. I give you: The Top 11 Movies That Freaked Me Out Growing