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What Does It Mean To Be Black?

What does it mean to be black, or any other race for that matter? This is a question Rachel Dolezal, the woman born white, but who has chosen to self-identify as black, has brought to the forefront of our nation’s attention in recent days. But as a black man who

Why Aren’t There More Female Solo Travelers?

Why aren't there more female solo travelers? I have been asked this question on multiple occasions in the past few months, mostly by male travelers. While it seems innocuous enough, answering it becomes a bit problematic since it usually leads to over-generalizations and gender stereotypes. After discussing the issue with

I Am Intolerant of Intolerance and Proud of It

In the last few weeks you might have read about the group of Ultra Orthodox Jews who delayed a flight because they refused to sit next to women and the Muslim NFL player who's team was penalized because he prayed in a style common in the Islamic faith. I take issues

Why I Don’t Like Giving Change to Bums

I’m probably not going to be a very popular person after people are done reading this, but I didn't join the blogging community to really filter myself, so here it goes. The other day, I was walking with a friend after lunch to grab some dessert. A man who was dressed in

Children and Literature: What should they read?

In the July/August 2013 issue of Imprimis, Hillsdale College’s monthly conservative opinion publication, Meghan Cox Curdon, a children’s book reviewer for the Wall Street Journal, presented the case for good taste in children’s books. Ms. Curdon had written an article entitled “Darkness Too Visible” which discussed “the increasingly dark current