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When You Don’t Belong

I have lived so many places over the years, they all start to run together. I confuse the North End of Boise with The Heights in Houston. Did I catch that fish on the Snake River or was that the James? “Oh yeah, Target? It’s on Kirby by Reliant. Shit,

WDBJ7 and What It Means for the Gun Control Debate

I’m from Roanoke, Virginia, home of WDBJ7, the station that suffered a horrific loss last week live on television and social media. The people there made our area and journalism proud by covering it like professionals while simultaneously dealing with their unimaginable loss. Paul Craft, another one of our editors, is also

Notes from the Farm Part II By Paul Craft

Paul's Notes from the Farm were a huge hit last month, so I asked him if I could share some more of his short stories, and he graciously agreed.  Paul, who says the movie Thor is loosely based on a Saturday night he had back in 1997, went to high

Top Ten Songs About Traveling

Traveling can evoke a lot of different types of emotions that are as wide ranging as the reasons people travel in the first place. I often find when traveling that the emotions I’m feeling aren’t just wide ranging, but are often contradictory: heading out on a long trip is an

Notes from the Farm By Paul Craft

Before reading these very funny short stories, I think I need to give you a bit of context about Paul and where he's from: Paul and I (this is Brian, by the way) went to high school together just outside of Roanoke, Virginia and right in the heart of the