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11 Things All Americans Should Know

For almost eight of the last 15 years of my life, I've lived outside of America. Most of that time was spent in Asia, but I also lived in Southern Africa and have traveled extensively through Europe, and Central and South America. I won't bore you with all the exact details,

What South Korea Really has to Teach Us About Education: Pt I

Cutting corners to achieve maximum profit; manipulating data to hide product defects; outsourcing work; spending millions to lure in new customers and investors instead reinvesting to improve product performance; focusing more on creating the appearance of success rather than actually working to achieve it - all while lobbying the government

Consumerism Run Amok: Shopping on Thanksgiving Day

I recently read what I considered to be an uncontroversial article in which the author called out the loathsome business practice many large retailers are engaging in this year of actually opening on Thanksgiving Day, you know, because it wasn’t asshole enough to have their employees come in at 3am