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Dan’s Top5 Internet Finds (4/13/15)

Last week none of my so-called "friends" liked my Top5 on Facebook. You think I don't notice these things?! If you're reading this right now, you are grounded. No TV. No phone. Go straight to your room and do your homework. After you look at these 5 things, of course

Ferguson: Bad Decisions, Not Race

“My white privilege is the only thing keeping me alive.” I saw this comment on a social media site the other day in which a woman was responding to the whole Ferguson situation. The absurdity of that statement is what prompted me to write this article. It’s not the color

Stopping Police Savagery: Not Impossible

Updated: In the wake of the killing of the so called "Gentle Giant" by cops in New York, and the even more recent shooting death of Mike Brown and the police response following the protests and looting that followed, I'm sad to say this article instantly became relevant again just

The Catch 22 of Denying Racism

The Donald Sterlings of the world are few and far between in this day in age. It isn't the fact that he's a billionaire real-estate developer or an NBA team owner that makes him so unique. And it's not that he's a racist who has used his power and wealth

Can We Agree that Kidnapping Babies is Wrong?

Do you know this hospital? Is your baby there? Get it out NOW. Let me fill you in if you haven't heard yet. The story goes that a couple were taking their five-month-old baby to Sutter Memorial Hospital regularly as awesome parents do. One day, they roll in and suddenly,