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11 Things All Americans Should Know

For almost eight of the last 15 years of my life, I've lived outside of America. Most of that time was spent in Asia, but I also lived in Southern Africa and have traveled extensively through Europe, and Central and South America. I won't bore you with all the exact details,

Brian’s Travel Blog: Nepal

Kathmandu May 14-18   As I expected, Nepal represented a huge change of pace in my travel. Unlike Southeast Asia, Nepal wasn't nearly as full of tourists, and it most certainly wasn't full of people looking to party. Kind of like how I felt in Myanmar, the travelers in Nepal were there for

Long Distances: A Love Story from Nepal

Tim first came to in Nepal 1988 to trek. He then came back another time. And another. And another. Some time later, he is back again, living in a Tibetan refugee settlement for five months. Lobsang’s parents fled Tibet after the Chinese [occupation/liberation] in the 1950s. Her mother died when she was

Brian’s Travel Blog: Cambodia (& Koh Rong)

  Cambodia  It seems like this always happens. Anytime I have to leave somewhere, things start getting really good. With just a few weeks left in South East Asia before I needed to hop a flight to Nepal to meet up with yet more friends from South Korea, I arrived in Cambodia

Freedom of Religion Includes Freedom from Religion

If you've read the news over the last week or so, chances are you've heard about the Hobby Lobby case. Without getting into too much detail, the case involved a large and largely family owned business that didn't want to pay for certain kinds of birth control for their employees