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WDBJ7 and What It Means for the Gun Control Debate

I’m from Roanoke, Virginia, home of WDBJ7, the station that suffered a horrific loss last week live on television and social media. The people there made our area and journalism proud by covering it like professionals while simultaneously dealing with their unimaginable loss. Paul Craft, another one of our editors, is also

An Interview With Rick: Ghosts, The Demon Lizard, And Seroquel

“You’re only the third person I’ve ever told this to.” Being in the mental health field for the last three years I’ve had some pretty wild experiences. Some are positive and some are negative. Sometimes it’s not even from my clients that I hear the wild stuff. Sometimes it’s just

21 and Bipolar: An individual case study.

Billy Bob Thornton. That’s the name that “Billy” wanted me to call him when I first approached him about doing this article. I asked him why, and his response was, “I just like that name.” (He’s never seen Sling Blade.) I have to admit that I was a little hesitant