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Top 5 Proposals of All Time

So the other day, I'm talking to a co-worker about his recent nuptials.  Out of curiosity, I asked him how he proposed. So apparently, he was getting ready to leave for Korea to see his parents and he said these words to his then girlfriend (and now wife): If you

“Why Are You Still Single?” Take the Test

"Why are you still single?” I know some people consider this question to be annoying. I, however, am flattered when people ask it. If you’re tired of hearing this question, you should take comfort in the idea that people find you normal enough, attractive enough and well-balanced enough to wonder

Becoming A Stepdad And How I’m Handling It

“I’m gonna be the coolest stepdad ever.” I’ve legally been a stepfather to three for a little over three months now. But I’ve been in their lives for about two years. Long before my wife and I ever actually got married, I was entertaining the idea of becoming a stepfather