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Interesting Destinations For Your 2015 Bucket List

Interesting Destinations For Your 2015 Bucket List Sometimes there are amazing, and quiet, hideaways waiting for you just around the corner from top tourist destinations. You don't have to travel to Easter Island or West Africa just to get off the beaten track. Sometimes you don’t even have to travel outside

11 Things All Americans Should Know

For almost eight of the last 15 years of my life, I've lived outside of America. Most of that time was spent in Asia, but I also lived in Southern Africa and have traveled extensively through Europe, and Central and South America. I won't bore you with all the exact details,

Freedom of Religion Includes Freedom from Religion

If you've read the news over the last week or so, chances are you've heard about the Hobby Lobby case. Without getting into too much detail, the case involved a large and largely family owned business that didn't want to pay for certain kinds of birth control for their employees

Brian’s Travel Blog: Thailand & Malaysia

Langkawi, Malaysia 2/24-3/3 I've broken the first rule of travel...well, at least a top five rule: I've been traveling with expectations. I've been looking for a very chilled out place that has a good social scene where it's easy to meet people. I would normally argue that the very best way

Brian’s Travel Blog: Malaysia

Kuala Lampor 2/11-2/13 My first thought on arriving in Kuala Lampor (KL) was it's soooo hot. Going to Seoul's airport in below freezing weather and walking off a plane on to a tarmac in 90 degree (35c?) weather will catch your attention. My next thoughts on the bus ride into the