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Your Life Sucks and It’s All Your Fault

Most people, when reading a title like the one for this post, will immediately assume that there is a mountain of hate ready to be dumped in their laps. Well, there won't be. What it will be is a post inspired by several others in the blogopshere dedicated to being

Dan’s Top5 Internet Finds (9/9)

Happy 9/9 everybody!  For some reason it seems like an important day.  I looked up September 9th on Wikipedia and here's why this day is so important: IT'S THE BIRTHDAY OF COLONEL SANDERS! Yes, THE Colonel Sanders.   I wonder what he would have thought of the Double Down.   Anyway, this Top5 is dedicated to YOU, Colonel.  Thank

Dan’s Bucket List

1.  Fend off an animal with a torch. 2.  Get kicked out of a casino for winning. 3.  Be offered a million dollars to have sexual intercourse. 4.  Have a cape removed from me onstage as I get ready to perform. 5.  Be the only white guy in an all-black band 6.  Get shot and