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Walter, Danny & PK: Kings of KTown

Koreatown Los Angeles wasn't always a nightlife hot spot for all Angelinos, but in recent years, the largely homogeneous population of soju drinkers has experienced a big and wonderful change, non-Koreans have joined the fray. While I won't sit here and say that this is what pushed the Kings of

Spineless Industry Lets Terrorists Win

In the face of threats from a hacker/cyber terrorist group now said to be run by or affiliated with North Korea, America's five largest movie theater chains decided not to show The Interview, a comedy movie in which two American reporters score an interview with the N. Korean dictator, Kim

Rodman’s Terrorist Connections Exposed

For those of you that read the news, you will know that multiple sources have now uncovered that Dennis Rodman has extensive terrorist ties. Initially, investigations started with the political dynamics between North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un and the former NBA star. Analysis of multiple emails, conversations and other