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American Nature Lover Shoots African Killer

We can all agree the death of any animal at the hands of hunters is unfortunate, but in the case of Cecil the Lion, we must also look at the facts. This lion was walking around a national park, which is just asking for trouble. Everyone knows hunters hang around

Becoming A Stepdad And How I’m Handling It

“I’m gonna be the coolest stepdad ever.” I’ve legally been a stepfather to three for a little over three months now. But I’ve been in their lives for about two years. Long before my wife and I ever actually got married, I was entertaining the idea of becoming a stepfather

“Notes From The Farm III” by Paul Craft

March 23 Well, my girlfriend and I got her son a dirt bike not long ago. I got it home and did a little work on it over the last few weeks to get the bugs out. It's a 1982 Honda XL 80. A great starter bike if I do say so myself.