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When You Don’t Belong

I have lived so many places over the years, they all start to run together. I confuse the North End of Boise with The Heights in Houston. Did I catch that fish on the Snake River or was that the James? “Oh yeah, Target? It’s on Kirby by Reliant. Shit,

How Crowdfunding Will Fix & Flip The Housing Market

While the economy as a whole has managed to make a comeback from the Great Recession, the real estate industry still finds itself struggling to recover from the subprime mortgage crisis of 2008. Much of the current problems stem from strict regulations that banks have been forced to adhere to

Stuck Between Coasts

Despite the gridlock of beltway traffic, stuffy Metro cars, and polarizing partisan politics, I love Washington D.C.. I’m a Los Angeles native, (well, L.A. county anyways) and I moved to DC five summers ago looking for adventure and employment. I can still remember walking into the wall of humidity outside