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Dan’s Top5 Internet Finds (10/20/2014)

What starts with a 'Top' and ends with a '5?' THIS! If you enjoyed it, like and share. (emoticon happy face) 1. MONTAGE VIDEO OF THE WEEK 2. FRUIT PORN VIDEO OF THE WEEK 3. WALMART STUFF OF THE WEEK 4. PEOPLE OF THE WEEK   5. JOHN MALKOVICH PICS OF THE WEEK   THAT'S IT. NOW, BEAT

Fun Costumes for Halloween

With Halloween coming around, I figured it would be a good time to show you guys some of the awesome Halloween costume ideas that have been floating around. There are a lot of costume ideas that I wish I had thought of first. There is one that I am proud

Dan’s Top5 Internet Finds (10/28)

Hello, is it me you're looking for (I typed that while singing the classic song by Lionel Richie)?  Hope you had a great week.  It's Monday again.  Where are you right now in your life?  Are you happy? Do you wish for something better?  Do you feel like you deserve

Dan’s Top5 Internet Finds (10/21)

Well, this may be my Top5 Finds but I had a Top Loss this week.  Lost my smartphone last weekend.  Luckily I have insurance. It takes about a week to get the new phone so my phone company gives me a free rental phone.  It's an older phone.  One that