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Brian’s Travel Blog: Myanmar (Part I)

Myanmar: Part 1 This is not like my previous travel blogs where I detailed places I went and things I did. This is a blog about what I thought about Myanmar and is also aimed at giving travel tips and info because I found many travel sources were very out of

Why I’m a Conservative

Ever since I was a teenager, I've definitely been amongst the minority of Americans who paid close attention to politics and government. Throughout the majority of my 33 years, I've been involved in some way in politics or the government, either through volunteering for campaigns, working in congressional offices, or

Creationism and Religion in Public Schools

Two weeks ago, I wrote an article discussing some disturbing trends in young adult literature and the shared responsibility that different members of society have for protecting children against distasteful and inappropriate material. During an online discussion, one friend asked, on a loosely related note, where I stood on teaching