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All Things Manly: The Crockpot Is Your Friend

Gentlemen, time for another edition of “All Things Manly.” I missed a couple weeks due to spending most of my time engaging in manly behavior such as sharpening my knives, wearing flannel shirts, and not shaving my beard. Most of us are familiar with some basic cooking. Not necessarily in

The Barnyard: Adventures in Raising Chickens

They're just cool animals. I've been living on a farm my entire life. I'm fifth-generation to be exact. There's a couple chicken houses out back that were probably built around the 1920s or 1930s but have long since been converted to storage areas. It wasn't until 2009 when I moved here into

Notes From The Farm: Attack of the Rabid Raccoon

“That’s a big bitch.” Those words exploded into my head as soon as I laid eyes upon it. Growing up on a farm has exposed (and still exposes) me to a wide variety of domesticated animals and wildlife in general. The frequency in which these interactions occur is most certainly

“Notes From The Farm III” by Paul Craft

March 23 Well, my girlfriend and I got her son a dirt bike not long ago. I got it home and did a little work on it over the last few weeks to get the bugs out. It's a 1982 Honda XL 80. A great starter bike if I do say so myself.

Notes from the Farm Part II By Paul Craft

Paul's Notes from the Farm were a huge hit last month, so I asked him if I could share some more of his short stories, and he graciously agreed.  Paul, who says the movie Thor is loosely based on a Saturday night he had back in 1997, went to high