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6 Lifeskills Gained From Ten Years Abroad

This coming winter marks ten years since I left my cushy government job in the U.S. to move to South Korea, where I’d studied for six months in the course of earning my Master’s in Public Administration, to live. In that time I’ve built a career, started a family, and

Being Western Doesn’t Mean Being White

This is an excerpt from Chapter 12 of the book Stranger in a Stranger Land: My Six Years in Korea. In it, I discuss my firsthand knowledge of an event that made national headlines in Korea in 2011, and highlighted how some of America's racial baggage showed itself in Korea's expat

Korea: Perception Over Reality

Anyone from the West who has had the chance to live in Korea has, beyond any doubt, felt or at least observed racism while there. Being a Korean American with the outward appearance of an ethnic Korean afforded me a unique view of this phenomenon in which the openness of

Put it on Your Back: Why and How to Travel

    Without trying to get all Eat, Pray, Love on you about traveling, I will say that with just one trip, one real international trip, you’ll be given the opportunity to see everything you’re familiar and comfortable with–your own culture–from an outsider’s perspective. Traveling gives you a chance to reevaluate your