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Ferguson: Bad Decisions, Not Race

“My white privilege is the only thing keeping me alive.” I saw this comment on a social media site the other day in which a woman was responding to the whole Ferguson situation. The absurdity of that statement is what prompted me to write this article. It’s not the color

Dan’s Top5 Internet Finds (9/8/2014)

I was a little late with the Top5 again. My excuse this time is that it's Chuseok (추석), Korea's holiday that is similar to Thanksgiving. Anywho, here are five things I thought you should see from the past week. ENJOYYYYYYYY! 1. KIDS SEEM DRUNK ALL THE TIME STUFF OF THE WEEK Found

Face Your Fears

I loved movies my whole life. There were a lot of things I saw in movies that really freaked me out when I was young. These are the ones that left the most profound scars on my youthful psyche. I give you: The Top 11 Movies That Freaked Me Out Growing