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A Traveler’s Guide to US Major Metros

Washington DC So let's start on the east coast. Washington DC is the center of our American political system. The city is home to a wide range of professionals who take "networking" to the next level. That means for just about every day in the week, there is some sort of

2014 San Diego Comic-Con Review

San Diego’s 2014 Comic-Con has officially ended. Technically, it ended a few days ago, but it’s still feeling fresh in my mind. What was, to me anyways, starting to feel like an overcrowded, smelly, and almost pointless yearly event finally took a turn for the better. This was one of

What South Korea Really has to Teach Us About Education: Pt I

Cutting corners to achieve maximum profit; manipulating data to hide product defects; outsourcing work; spending millions to lure in new customers and investors instead reinvesting to improve product performance; focusing more on creating the appearance of success rather than actually working to achieve it - all while lobbying the government