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Walter, Danny & PK: Kings of KTown

Koreatown Los Angeles wasn't always a nightlife hot spot for all Angelinos, but in recent years, the largely homogeneous population of soju drinkers has experienced a big and wonderful change, non-Koreans have joined the fray. While I won't sit here and say that this is what pushed the Kings of

Why KTown Needed a Voice and How We Found It

For the last few years, Koreatown, Los Angeles has been worming its way into popular, mainstream culture. The food, the nightlife and the grind, everything is being absorbed into popular media outlets at a faster and faster pace. With this steady diffusion of our unique blend of Korean and American

Ktown Footnotes… So Far So Good

When we broke the story about the Ktown Cowboys movie finally being made, we told you that the team would be releasing a weekly web series to commemorate the announcement. Well if you've been living under a rock these past 2 weeks, you won't know that the first episode was

The Boys are Back in Ktown

A couple months ago, I had the distinct pleasure of playing host to and speaking with Danny Cho, an up and coming Asian comedian whose comic prowess had extended to writing. If you read the piece and/or you were fans from before, you will know that one of his most popular projects

Danny Cho: KTown Cowboy

Danny Cho didn't grow up like other Korean kids in Los Angeles. Danny grew up in East LA, Boyle Heights to be exact, the only Asian kid on his block. He grew up in a largely Hispanic environment and like his other inner city peers, he saw friends live the