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South Korea: On the Border of Comedy

You can be forgiven if stand up comedy isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you hear South Korea. Hell, you can be forgiven if it doesn’t come to mind at all. But if you overlook Korea’s comedy scene then you’re overlooking the best one in Asia, according

Dan’s Top5 Internet Finds (8/12)

Has it already been a week since my first Top5 finds? Yes, it has.  You know what that's seven days later.  Like many of you, I tend to start doing something productive on the computer and a few clicks later, wonder how the hell I ended up watching midget

Dan’s Bucket List

1.  Fend off an animal with a torch. 2.  Get kicked out of a casino for winning. 3.  Be offered a million dollars to have sexual intercourse. 4.  Have a cape removed from me onstage as I get ready to perform. 5.  Be the only white guy in an all-black band 6.  Get shot and