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My Road To Becoming A Christian

My road to becoming a Christian was long and winding with plenty of obstacles. To be honest, there were plenty of times when I absolutely didn’t want to become a Christian. It was the farthest thing from my mind and certainly my actions. I eventually started wanting something new. I

App Hack Let’s You Talk to Anyone on Tinder

Not doing so well on Tinder? Well, there's an app for that. Two VCU students in Richmond, Virginia have made a hack that allows people to talk to anyone they see on Tinder, regardless of having been "swiped" right or left by them. When asked why they developed the hack,

Becoming A Stepdad And How I’m Handling It

“I’m gonna be the coolest stepdad ever.” I’ve legally been a stepfather to three for a little over three months now. But I’ve been in their lives for about two years. Long before my wife and I ever actually got married, I was entertaining the idea of becoming a stepfather

Dating Tips for Young Women

Recently, I had a conversation with my baby cousin, who is in the process of attaining her undergraduate degree, and it got me thinking... What kind of advice could I give someone just starting the life of semi-adult dating? I decided, A LOT. So to make that happen, I decided to

The People You’ll Meet When You Travel

In the course of traveling, I've met a ton of insanely independent, unique and remarkably interesting people. On the other hand, I have also met some people who are seemingly stock characters on every trip I take. While I'm not for a second pretending to be offering a complete picture

The Dilapidation of Higher Education

The effects of the 2008 recession are still being felt all across America. Despite the new 8.3% unemployment figure being touted by the Administration (which is, at best, a miscalculation and at worst, a deliberate political maneuver designed to inject a kind of saccharine confidence into the American public), 55%