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17 Reasons for Optimism in the Age of Trump

It cannot be understated how much Trump's election has deepened and widened an already enormous divide in our country. Many people have legitimate concerns about this man that are based on things he has said and has already done as president. This is unlike Obama's detractors and their wild conspiracy

My Road To Becoming A Christian

My road to becoming a Christian was long and winding with plenty of obstacles. To be honest, there were plenty of times when I absolutely didn’t want to become a Christian. It was the farthest thing from my mind and certainly my actions. I eventually started wanting something new. I

I Am Intolerant of Intolerance and Proud of It

In the last few weeks you might have read about the group of Ultra Orthodox Jews who delayed a flight because they refused to sit next to women and the Muslim NFL player who's team was penalized because he prayed in a style common in the Islamic faith. I take issues

Dan’s Top5 Internet Finds (1/6/2014)

First Top5 of the new year!  I have been doing a lot of work recently so have had almost no time on the computer.  Not even sure if I have five things to show you this week.  Let's see what I found: 1. SELFIES OF THE WEEK 2.  GIFT OF THE WEEK

Dan’s Top5 Internet Finds NSFW (11/11)

This list is a little late.  But it's still Monday, SO GET OFF MY BACK!  Today is 11/11.  That means it's the 11th day of November. 1. TWERK OF THE WEEK The bow tie makes it classy. 2. GIFS OF THE WEEK If you're around my age (32), you should be able to name