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10 Inexpensive Things To Do in the South

America is the 3rd most popular country for tourists in the world behind only France and China. And let's be real, if we didn't make it such a pain in the ass to get a visa to come here, we'd likely be number one. Regardless, millions of people still come every

India & Kashmir: One Tweet at a Time

In going to India, I decided to live Tweet my experience.  I actually found it was really helpful for documenting the many random, funny, and potentially interesting and helpful insights everyone has while traveling that are sometimes instantly forgotten. I'll have more to say about India and will share better

Long Distances: A Love Story from Nepal

Tim first came to in Nepal 1988 to trek. He then came back another time. And another. And another. Some time later, he is back again, living in a Tibetan refugee settlement for five months. Lobsang’s parents fled Tibet after the Chinese [occupation/liberation] in the 1950s. Her mother died when she was

Brian’s Travel Blog: Myanmar (Part II)

In my last travel blog update, I talked about some of my overall impressions of this recently opened country. This week I talk about the places I went and things I saw and did. Yangon 3/14-3/15 I was lucky enough to meet Jay on the plane flying into Myanmar. This was great

Dan’s Top5 Internet Finds (11/18)

Monday, Monday.  Fall is officially least here in Korea.  My phone says there is chance of snow today.  And that's your weather report.  You stay classy, websurfer.  Here's the Top5: 1. HERO OF THE WEEK Alan Markovitz, 59, a well-known strip club owner in Detroit and soon-to-be reality television star on