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OC Block Party: This Year’s 4th of July Hot Spot

In the summer of 2013, a small group of friends decided to bring something unique and fun to the Koreatown (Los Angeles, CA) scene in the form of KTOWN Night Market (KNM). An event that featured a large number of vendors from the area offering clothing, accessories, food, games and

10 Inexpensive Things To Do in the South

America is the 3rd most popular country for tourists in the world behind only France and China. And let's be real, if we didn't make it such a pain in the ass to get a visa to come here, we'd likely be number one. Regardless, millions of people still come every

Why Education Fails in America

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) publishes reports on a variety of economic factors including education in its member countries. It uses statistics on educational performance, class sizes, and teachers' salaries among others to create an annual report that ranks the performance of educational infrastructures. Unfortunately, this report

Danny Cho: KTown Cowboy

Danny Cho didn't grow up like other Korean kids in Los Angeles. Danny grew up in East LA, Boyle Heights to be exact, the only Asian kid on his block. He grew up in a largely Hispanic environment and like his other inner city peers, he saw friends live the

Stopping Police Savagery: Not Impossible

Updated: In the wake of the killing of the so called "Gentle Giant" by cops in New York, and the even more recent shooting death of Mike Brown and the police response following the protests and looting that followed, I'm sad to say this article instantly became relevant again just