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17 Reasons for Optimism in the Age of Trump

It cannot be understated how much Trump's election has deepened and widened an already enormous divide in our country. Many people have legitimate concerns about this man that are based on things he has said and has already done as president. This is unlike Obama's detractors and their wild conspiracy

11 Things All Americans Should Know

For almost eight of the last 15 years of my life, I've lived outside of America. Most of that time was spent in Asia, but I also lived in Southern Africa and have traveled extensively through Europe, and Central and South America. I won't bore you with all the exact details,

Donald Sterling and How The NBA Screwed Up

He shouldn’t have said it. Let’s be clear about that. I’m sure by now everyone has heard about the whole Donald Sterling debacle and his racist remarks towards blacks. But the NBA handled the whole situation terribly. Seriously, they could have done anything different and it would’ve been a better

The Catch 22 of Denying Racism

The Donald Sterlings of the world are few and far between in this day in age. It isn't the fact that he's a billionaire real-estate developer or an NBA team owner that makes him so unique. And it's not that he's a racist who has used his power and wealth

The Continued Need for Affirmative Action

In a move that surprised many, including myself, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) decided not to strike down the practice of colleges using race as a factor for selecting students earlier this year, at least for now. I, for one, am pleased with this outcome because this