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6 Ways Saved By the Bell Ruined HighSchool For Me

Just like everyone else on the internet last week, I watched the the Saved By the Bell (SBTB) Reunion on Jimmy Fallon's show and LOVED IT! It instantly brought back a lot of childhood memories of Saturday morning's spent watching the show and countless more afternoons watching the endless reruns.

11 Things That Make Traveling in Europe Different

As an American who just finished a ten month trip around the world, this might sound weird, but one of the biggest culture shocks I experienced happened when I arrived in Europe. After seven months backpacking in Asia and another 9 months living in South Korea, being back in the

All Things Manly: How to Win a Bar Fight

Gentlemen! Time for another edition of “All Things Manly”. So you go out with a couple buddies down to your favorite watering hole to have a couple beers and watch the game. Everything is going great and you’re having a good time. But then everything starts to unravel when some

This Is How You Leave…

In February of last year, after nearly five years living in Korea and as I re-signed another one year contract, I decided it would be my last. I was going to leave and go on my dream trip of traveling around the world for as long as I can on