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Brian’s Travel Blog: Vietnam

This was not my first time in 'Nam. I've done two tours in the past - but I don't like to talk about it. However, this time was very different because my trip started with me visiting several friends living in Hanoi, all of whom I first met while living

Brian’s Travel Blog: Thailand & Malaysia

Langkawi, Malaysia 2/24-3/3 I've broken the first rule of travel...well, at least a top five rule: I've been traveling with expectations. I've been looking for a very chilled out place that has a good social scene where it's easy to meet people. I would normally argue that the very best way

Brian’s Travel Blog: Malaysia

Kuala Lampor 2/11-2/13 My first thought on arriving in Kuala Lampor (KL) was it's soooo hot. Going to Seoul's airport in below freezing weather and walking off a plane on to a tarmac in 90 degree (35c?) weather will catch your attention. My next thoughts on the bus ride into the