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Rodman’s Terrorist Connections Exposed

tattoo_dennis_rodman_tattoos-2For those of you that read the news, you will know that multiple sources have now uncovered that Dennis Rodman has extensive terrorist ties. Initially, investigations started with the political dynamics between North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un and the former NBA star. Analysis of multiple emails, conversations and other personal correspondences now back the once alleged allegations that Rodman had ulterior motives for the media frenzy that surrounded his trip to North Korea.

0Now, multiple sources have stepped forward to corroborate this tale of international mystique. It appears now, upon Rodman’s urging to “cap those [expletive deleted]”, North Korea staged live fire exercises on the border which heightened tensions in the region.  This conversation which was made public last week also referenced multiple instances of Rodman’s “urgings” to men of power.

4601968-3x2-340x227Aside from yesterday’s actions by North Korea, Rodman is reported as having congratulated Kim on adding new zest to his flailing nuclear program. What is disturbing is  the conversation references multiple terrorist organizations and nations from which Rodman is alleged to have facilitated negotiations for the weaponization of spent fuel rods from a nuclear reactor. Though, at this point, everything that is being reported is hearsay, investigations continue into the now exposed, master of the cloak and dagger, Rodman, who has been impossible to reach for comment. Nations to have had direct influence over this matter include Pakistan, Iran, Albania, Lybia, Somalia and Canada, though the level of their involvement is still in contention.

Unfortunately, the story does not end there. Included with the damning evidence was over 1,500 hours of digitally recorded conversations. One such conversation was between Steven Seagal and the former NBA star in which they discuss the possibility of Russia and North Korea forming a strategic alliance. Already, the news is in the air. Multiple news outlets are now postulating that Seagal is “to Putin as Dennis Rodman is to Kim Jong Un” meaning, he basically controls Russia and Putin is just a puppet. Clearly, the guise of being just a friend and supporter is not working in either case.

The real underlying problem here isn’t the fact that these people are in control of these countries, it is their motivation for doing so. What are they trying to gain and why go through all this trouble to stay behind the scenes, only to openly visit the colleagues you are in collusion with? A slip up or a calculated step to begin the process of integration? What ever the case, we will see in the coming months how Rodman, and Seagal for that matter, change the landscape of international relations. No matter who wins, we lose.

Alex S. Pak
A young professional with a passion for rhetoric. He was born and raised in Southern California where he attended high school and college. Alex focused his studies on the humanities and is a keen observer of the human condition. In is spare time, enjoys reading, watching movies, and partying like a rock star.

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