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Post Knockout Game Wrap Up

If you guys have been reading the news, you will know that there have been a rash of beatings and attacks related to what is simply being called the “Knockout Game.” If you don’t know, this is a game in which mentally unstable, future-multiple-offenders randomly attack innocent bystanders to see if they can score a knockout in one hit.

Obviously, anything that happens to these kids is fine. Hopefully we see more and more people walking around with guns as a result of this and these ass-hats get what they have coming. Until then, let’s see how lady justice smites them down!

08bc90c028e13ef42e004dfa7882abaaTraveshia Blanks

Yes, her name pointedly demonstrates what she is drawing in her mind’s eye when people ask her how many times the Earth spins in a day or what 1 + 1 is. In any case, this poor, hapless troglodyte assaulted a 72 year old man who was weeding his garden and an 89 year old man who was just answering his door. She was arrested on November 30th 2013 and is charged with two counts of battery.

n-MARVELL-WEAVER-largeMarvell Weaver

Marvell, another candidate for short bus action decided that using his fists would be too reasonable for such a game and opted to arm himself with a taser. Fortunately, when you’re an idiot, tasing someone that has no idea they’re about to be attacked is a screw up waiting to happen. Hilariously, the would-be victim had been rollin’ strapped and Weaver was shot twice. Kinda makes you rethink your position on gun control and self defense, right? Thanks Paul.

elex murphy mugshotElex Murphy

This guy had his sights set on perhaps the biggest accolade he could have or would have ever attained, being “Knockout King.” This poster child for shock therapy decided that he would attack a couple (a 72 year old male and his 62 year old wife) with two accomplices. The man, died due to a fatal head injury and his wife endured several facial fractures. Elex is now facing up to 82 years for second degree murder and first degree assault among other charges.

RomeoWilliamsRomeo Williams

This class act struck a man in a 7 eleven parking lot. Nothing about this one was funny since the victim, James Gifford ended up dying because of his injuries. Luckily, Romeo is as stupid as he looks because after he knocked out Mr. Gifford, he rolled into 7 eleven and started celebrating. Lady justice only saw fit to charge the delinquent with second-degree assault, but luckily, the grand jury now considering homicide charges. I just want to add that this future America’s Most Wanted Hall of Famer has 14 prior arrests including 3 felonies on his record. I hope he starts crying in court and everyone gives him a fair shake, which would be nothing short of life in prison with no chance of parole.

3507169959Michael Ayoade

This character set out to prove that being 35 doesn’t mean that you necessarily have a moral compass, or common sense. He attacked a young lady in a subway station and a 16 year old girl on the street a year later. Clearly, a tragedy that could have been avoided if this guy was killed or incarcerated. In any case, the London Crown Court sentenced Ayoade to 4 years who is reported as saying that the young lady victim made him “feel like a pauper with her facial gestures.”

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