17 Reasons for Optimism in the Age of Trump

It cannot be understated how much Trump's election has deepened and widened an already enormous divide in our country. Many people have legitimate concerns about this man that are based on things he has said and has already done as president. This is unlike Obama's detractors and their wild conspiracy

Stop Asking Me To Be Sympathetic Towards Trump Voters, Anthony Bourdain!

The level of contention in American has reached such a level that even Anthony Bourdain has managed to piss me off, and that's saying something since I went out of my way to give him a shout out in my travel memoir. Following the election, I've basically had to stop

Don’t Stop: Old School Raps New School Flow

Don't Stop is the newest EP from one of our long-time contributors, Cee Jay. He gives us an artist's-eye view of the tracks, which he describes as "old school raps [with] new school flow." He also shares the first video off the EP, Dynamite (Rock Tonight), a funky, get-hype track

Why Thanksgiving is the Best Holiday Ever

Honestly, I don’t even know where to begin when trying to explain how great Thanksgiving is. I guess I can start by saying that a mere side effect of this holiday is one of the very best things about it: it acts as a barrier to Christmas, that overblown, corporate-driven,

Protest Votes Got 4,500 US Soldiers Killed

The last time a large number of Americans cast a ballot for a 3rd party candidate - with no chance of winning - during a critical election, 4,500 US soldiers and nearly 100,000 Iraqis got killed. I know this might sound hyperbolic, but hear me out. Way back at the turn

My Saturday at the EAT Show

Now, writing isn't an occupation I would recommend to anyone. It's a thankless job and though there's writing everywhere, it is taken for granted all the time. That being said, on rare occasions, there are perks as was the case this past weekend. Thanks to the folks at KTown Night Market,

Dan’s Top5 Internet Finds (10/3/2016)

It's October! We're in the last quarter of the year people - make it count! Here's the Top5 finds from the past week. Like and share pretty please with a cherry on top. PARENTING GIF OF THE WEEK 2. PERFECTLY TIMED PHOTOS OF THE WEEK 3. ABUSIVE GREETING CARDS OF THE WEEK

Dan’s Top5 Internet Finds (9/27/2016) PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE EDITION

To keep the NSB presidential theme going, I decided to dedicate this Top5 to tonight's presidential debate (and the election). If you are a fan of either Trump or Clinton (or a hater of either/both), then I guarantee you that one of these will tickle your funny bone. Like if