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Must See Acts of EDC Las Vegas 2013

tumblr_mcu0rbwLVi1r9d2huo1_500EDC officially starts today! That’s the Electric Daisy Carnival for those of you who are new to the scene. Insomniac just released the set times for their all-star line-up and here I am to give you the grand tour. Now, it has been said that whenever you go to any kind of event, whether it’s a music festival or just going on vacation, it’s always good to plan ahead. That way, you can enjoy as full an experience as you can. EDC is no exception. I just wish they would stop with this new trend of releasing the set times only days before the event. Damn you Insomniac!

Now, I’m sure many of you EDM lovers out there are looking at this list and thinking, “how am I going to see all my favorite DJs. There are set time conflicts!” Some of your friends probably want to go see Benny Bennassi while you and a few others want to go see Tiesto. Well, clearly you are noobs (newbies) and you need some direction. First, forget about finding your friends again during or after the event if you guys split up. Just be pleasantly surprised if you happen to bump into each other. Second, do not, by any means, try to wade through the tens of thousands of people looking for one specific person because you’re drunk and need one, specific kind of cigarette. I won’t name any names, but this CANNOT happen again this year, Alex, I mean some person that will remain anonymous. Finally, have a good time! Yes, massives can get a little daunting and annoying at times, but whining will only stress you out! Enjoy the moment!

In any case, back to the task at hand… It’s going to get crowded. Your cell phone is probably not going to work and you will probably lose some of your group members, but if you listened to your favorite DJs spin and partied like a rock star while doing it, you have made some new friends in the process. The following is a list of the top DJs I look forward to seeing this weekend when NSB hits Vegas.

Armin Van Buuren

I don’t know what you think, but Armin is one amazing DJ. Amazing transitions that lead up to even more amazing drops. Overall, just amazing songs. He’s one of the few DJs that I know of that can spin for 8 hours straight. For me, the last time I saw him perform was at the Palladium and he did not disappoint. If you’re there on Friday, make sure to set aside some time for him. Get to the Kinetic Field a little early, or shoot, just camp out at the stage, because it’s going to get crowded.


You know how they say you never forget your firsts. Well, the first CD I ever purchased was ATB’s, back in high school. I remember putting Don’t Stop on repeat and listening to it for hours on end while I studied. It’s awesome how he’s still performing now and when he does, I always make time. If you want music that just makes you feel good, definitely check him out.


Levels music video. ‘Nuff said. Wait… one more thing. Join me in dancing like that Asian lady two and a half minutes in. I’ll give you a free high-five if you do.

Benny Bennassi

I’ll be honest. The first few times I saw him perform, I was disappointed. He didn’t really play his notable electro house style songs, and instead seemed to rely purely on trance. But over the last few years, the people have spoken and he listened. Can’t wait to see him this year. I mean, this is the guy who remixed a very awesome video game song into pure awesomeness. Check it out.

Dash Berlin

Ladies seem to love his music, and I typically find Dash’s fans to be super attractive. I guess I could swing by for the last hour of the Sunday night festivities and risk traversing through 3 hours of traffic just to get back to the hotel. It’ll be worth it. And not just for the ladies, of course, the music and the craft. What an awesome way to end a weekend of dancing and fist pumping.

Steve Angello

This DJ knows how to run the crowd. I’ve never been disappointed at any of his shows, with the enigmatic Swedish House Mafia or just by himself. I’ve had so many great experiences where he provided the perfect soundtrack. Definitely a must see.


Ever had a DJ you felt you discovered a little too late, and now he doesn’t play that one song you like anymore. This has been my experience with Tiesto. The first song I ever heard was Elements of Life. It instantly became one of those songs I liked to put on repeat on my iPod. Problem was, it was about two years after the song was released. The few times I was able to see him perform, he always played his new songs, which are good. But just once, I want to hear him play Elements. Fingers crossed.

Just to tide me over though…

Sidebar: The full set time listing can be viewed here. Insomniac also has a smartphone app you can find in your respective app stores. ENJOY and BE SAFE!

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