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LTD Embarasses Entire Asian Community: Frat Does Nothing

For those that haven’t heard, the Asian community suffered a huge blow this week from none other than a college frat who thought it would be great to post a video online wherein a student in blackface played rapper Jay Z’s part in the remake of a music video by Justin Timberlake (Suit & Tie). The frat in question is the chapter of Lambda Theta Delta (aka LTD) that calls UC Irvine their home. As a UCI alum myself and a Korean American, this is an especially embarrassing spectacle. One that cannot be rationalized, justified, or excused. At best, it is an ignorant display of racism, at the worst, it is a direct reference and homage to a time in American history that can only be labeled as “tragic”. A time in which blackface was a popularized form of entertainment that underscored the racist, stereotypical image of African Americans. Stereotypes were embodied by white performers who used black make up to cover their faces, exaggerating certain features like the lips, hair, hands, etc.

Racism in America has many forms, but what most enlightened individuals believe is that it doesn’t have a place in civilized culture. This idea is only underscored by the fact that Asians have always carried the model minority label which essentially places Asians into a subset of the larger community of minorities in America that “does what they’re told” and “doesn’t rock the boat” so to speak. The power dynamic in place between the larger majority (Caucasian Americans) and the individual ethnic minority groups, makes this performance especially insulting. What I find to be even more ridiculous is that the fraternity itself believes that handling this “in house” is more than adequate even though this is NOT the first time this has happened.

The collective house is aware of the great ignorance of the video as it perpetuates a gravely offensive stereotype against African- Americans. Rest assured that the individuals have already been punished for their actions and it is an issue we have already addressed within the house. We apologize for its creation as well as any mental anguish the production has caused to the community. We did not realize it was still in circulation as the house intended its complete deletion for its extremely insensitive content.

OC Weekly ran an article yesterday that shows the Lambdas doing another blackface performance in a video last year which, at the time of this writing, is still available for viewing on YouTube. What’s really ironic is that these douchebags claim that LTD stands for, among other things, diversity and cultural awareness (this is taken straight from the lies on their video). I guess I shouldn’t feel too insulted. I mean these idiots clearly don’t know what all these things mean… by “things” of course I mean English words. Yes my simpleton Lambdas, words mean things. They’re not just awesome pictures to cut into videos. In any case, these are not the actions of a group that understands the impact that this has on race relations and the community as a whole, be they black, white, brown, or purple.

Clearly, the Lambdas have not learned a single lesson about the consequences of their actions. Nothing short of the dissolving of the chapter and the shredding of their charter would be appropriate. It is equally disturbing that UCI hasn’t taken any action against this nonsense. It is pretty laughable that the Delta Gamma sorority letter led to the removal of the sorority sister that drafted it a few weeks later. How are the Lambdas that created this video being held responsible? That’s a great question. Maybe they were punished with high fives and pats on the back because clearly, the punishment didn’t stick and no lessons were learned here. I can see it now…

Lambda Douchebag #1: What should we do for our super awesome installs video?

Lambda Douchebag #2: You know what would be funny? If we did Suite & Tie and had one of our idiot brothers paint his face black!

Lambda Douchebag #1: Hell yeah! We did that last year for our rush video too! All of us loved it.

Lambda Douchebag #2: Awesome, let me go get my shoe polish and let’s get this up on youtube so we can humiliate our parents, friends, and family!

*flurry of high fives ensue*

By the way… WTF are installs? Here’s an idea. In the time it took to film and edit this catastrophe, maybe you could have read a book… O guys, that’s what we call those things with a bunch of papers stuck together, usually bound by a cover made of stiffer material than paper. No, not porno mags. Books. You know, those things you buy at the beginning of each quarter that you don’t crack open and eventually sell back for 30% of what you bought them for.

To the Lambdas responsible for this nonsense, here are some choice words for you: FUCK YOU GUYS (I limited each word to a single syllable so you guys wouldn’t get confused). You are an embarrassment to the community, to my alma mater, to a city, to a state, to entire cultures, and to your families. To all the people that took offense at this crass display of racial bigotry, I apologize from the bottom of my heart. If it is any consolation, these idiots will probably graduate, not be able to hold down a job, and pass on quietly to the next life poor, lonely, and defeated. I sincerely hope that something is done to destroy this entire chapter of these bottom-feeding, pond-scum-sucking losers. Any LTD alums in our readership? If so, I call on you to talk to whoever you have to and get these ingrates kicked out of your frat, or whatever you fraternity kids do. That is all.

Alex S. Pak
A young professional with a passion for rhetoric. He was born and raised in Southern California where he attended high school and college. Alex focused his studies on the humanities and is a keen observer of the human condition. In is spare time, enjoys reading, watching movies, and partying like a rock star.

4 thoughts on “LTD Embarasses Entire Asian Community: Frat Does Nothing

  1. These guys are complete morons and deserve all the punishments that can be handed to them. However please do not say that these random fraternity members embarrass the entire Asian community. They do not represent us, nor does their fraternity represent us. We do not have to apologize for the actions of those who just so happen to share some common physical traits. What members of the community CAN do (along with members of other communities) is to make efforts to increase awareness and simple respect for our fellow man and woman.

  2. Thanks for your input! I definitely see what you’re saying. Unfortunately, while I do agree that the actions of this small group of ingrates does not actually translate to the re-defining of an entire community’s image, as a student of history I know that the general public does not see it that way. When the media (be it a magazine, an ezine, or the news) paints this picture, the simple mention that these asshats are Asian will allow the sheeple of the world to draw that conclusion and/or at least make the association. Now, the average NSB reader is college educated and we’re insanely thankful for that. Mainly because people like you CAN make the distinction, yes there are dumb people in the world. No, they do not think things out logically. I do applaud the idea that we need to work as a community and share the same sentiment. x) Thanks for reading!

  3. Extremely ignorant and super offensive. It always baffles me why someone would think the best way to impersonate a black person is to paint their own face black. As if people are going to stop and say “whoa, are my eyes playing tricks on me, or is that Jay-Z!?” No sir, that’s just an idiot trying to impress his half-wit peers. You got to love when people at institutions for higher learning do highly uneducated things.

  4. I know that feeling. It’s pretty ridiculous what people get away with these days. It’s really sad that basically nothing happened to these asshats. Equally ridiculous that this happened not once, but twice in two consecutive years. If this were basketball they would say LTD was starting a dynasty… except these assholes are racists and they didnt win shit.

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