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Last Minute Excuses for Ditching Work

cell-phones-and-cancer-1091678-TwoByOneThe day of destiny is here boys and girls. In hours, the strength of the US Men’s National Team will be tested once again on the pitch (that’s what soccer players call the field they play on) against the strongest team in the group, if not one of the strongest teams in the tournament, Germany. Clearly, there hasn’t been a David and Goliath story such as this folks and if you’re an American, you will do your part. What’s that you ask? Watch the match of course! And to help you out, NSB decided to compile a list of last minute excuses for you to give to your boss, if you decide that streaming it on a 4 inch screen… JUST AIN’T GONNA CUT IT. For all those that aren’t sharp, we formatted this list like the MADLIBS we loved of old.

My  (relative)  is in town and we have a personal matter to attend to that requires our attention.

There was a car accident and I need to see if my  (friend)  is OK.

I forgot  (item)  at home and I’m going to need to use it later today.

I need to do a site visit in  (location)  or this report won’t be done by  (due date) .

There is a potential client that is in town and I need to meet (him/her) at  (location) . It could mean a new account.

My  (pet)  is sick. Really sick. Really.

My files are corrupted and my backup is at home. Technology, don’t ask me to explain it. I don’t get it either.

I just got a mysterious call from someone saying he has incriminating photos of me. He told me to come meet him at  (location)  to discuss his terms.

I found some buried treasure I need to go dig it up. I’ll cut you in.


Don’t you love America?

8196416_origThis is AMERICA!

If all that doesn’t work, tell them Jurgen Klinsmann told them to let you go home early.

— U.S. Soccer (@ussoccer) June 25, 2014

Whatever excuse you decide to use, make sure you get on it. The US needs our help and support. Let’s send all our positive vibes south of the Panama Canal and straight into Arena Pernambucco in Recife, Brazil. ‘Til then my friends, keep the dream alive.

#USMNT #LetsDoThis #IBelievethatwewillwin

Ghana v USA: Group G - 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

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