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Why I’m Throwing My Vote Away and Voting for a 3rd Party

ballotI’m going to vote today. I hold the precious power of a Florida vote, a vote that is actually meaningful since I live in a swing state. According to statisticians, my vote is worth three votes when compared to other votes across the country. I want to assure all of you that your countless, annoying Facebook posts admonishing candidates based on who they are –ad hominem attacks– were completely uncompelling.

If you can’t see how corrupt Hillary Clinton is, if you don’t understand why manipulating elections or taking donations from foreign donors is far more dangerous than anything Trump has said, then you are merely fooling yourself. Your identity is so wrapped into being a liberal or a democrat that you are easily persuaded by meaningless rhetoric as long as it is about the opposite party. To rational people, treason trumps being a misogynist any day of the week when running for president.

Several great presidents suffered from major character flaws in their personal lives, but they still put the country first. Furthermore, several of the same attacks Democrats launched against Trump were launched against Romney and McCain, both of whom were honorable men. This is why your claims have become trite and you are shocked that no one believes you. You fall back to the same childish tactics every election regardless of their validity.

imagesOn the other hand, if you can’t see how utterly foolish it is to vote for Trump, the same guy who goaded Obama into releasing his birth certificate, but failed to be the only presidential candidate in history to not release his tax returns then you also have serious issues. Could you imagine how you would feel if Clinton refused to show her tax returns (or emails for that matter)? There would be riots!

Trump stated that he would ban people from entering the country based on their religion. Do you really support religious freedom in this country? This is a blinding inconsistency.

Furthermore, Trump has no detailed policy positions. According to fact checkers, he is biggest liar to ever run for president. If you really cared about Hillary’s corruption, how could you not take time to review to see if Trump’s claims were true or false? Had you taken an honest second to do so, you would not be able to support this man.

You are also a victim of political socialization in this country. “Trump is bad, but nothing can ever be as bad Hillary.” I disagree; I think if Trump ran as a democrat, the same party he spent much of his life supporting, you would think he was the worst candidate ever.

I’m going to vote. I would like to vote for universal healthcare, education reform, for legislators to produce thoughtful legislation that focuses on reducing abortions instead of pandering to people thinking that one side hates women and another side hates the unborn. Sadly, I can’t. America doesn’t care about policies. We care about soap operas. We care more about how we personally identify with candidates opposed to what they have done and how their policy positions would help improve our country.

This election is a black eye on this country and we are an embarrassment to the world.

So, you can tell me I’m throwing away my vote today. However, I would rather throw away my vote than sell my soul to the sickening inconsistencies of either major political party in this country.

Brent Sheffield
Brent Sheffield is a beloved English instructor to elementary students in Seoul, South Korea. When he’s not instructing students on the proper use of gerunds or English profanity, he runs a popular expat website called Kimchibytes where he contributes both as a writer and a photographer. Brent’s interests range from traveling and romance to reminiscing about the best RPG’s to grace 16 bit entertainment systems. He believes the very best writing is controversial and his work is not complete unless he upsets a new individual every day.

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