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Hangover III: Not a Bad Thursday Night

The Hangover franchise has been good for Warner Bros. The Numbers reports that the franchise was responsible for bringing in $1 billion and they’re poised to strike another blow to our wallets here shortly. The movie opens on the 23rd and if the hype is any indication, it will do well. All the characters reprise their roles with some notable additions along the way. Will it live up to the hype? Or go the way of GI Joe and Iron Man 3? Let’s find out!

Off the jump, I’ll say the movie started off a bit slow with some cheap WTF laughs. I would say the movie really picks up speed shortly before John Goodman’s character is introduced to our favorite inebriated foursome. Now, I haven’t seen John Goodman play very many roles as of late, but it was definitely refreshing to see him from a different angle. The strength from one of my favorite roles he’s ever played, Walter in The Big Lebowski, was there albeit slightly downplayed based on the amount of screen time he got.

The big surprise for me was Ken Jeong. Of course, he plays the flamboyant Leslie Chow. He is the main catalyst for all the shenanigans you will be exposed to through the course of the movie. Oh, and for a special treat to wrap up your midweek date, stay after the credits to see the last scene, you can thank me later for subjecting you to that special torture!

For the most part, the movie got a steady stream of laughs from me. Without revealing too much, I will say good ol’ Zach Galifianakis’ Alan finds a love interest that is… Unconventional to say the least and yet, so perfect a match was never made on the silver screen. His awkward nature plays into the story so well and really, he does make the franchise what it is.

Mike Epps makes a few short appearances which are good for a couple laughs. Heather Graham also gets shoe horned into the production, but it’s nothing to write home about though, watch out for the baby from H2 who is all grown up now (sorta). I think I saw him melt several dozen ladies in the theater. Babies are the best chic magnets right? Yes, I’m terrible, sue me.

All in all, I don’t think you’ll regret paying to see it. I rarely found myself bored which is more than I can say for the last installment from the franchise. Though to be perfectly honest, I only watched the first 20 minutes before succumbing to the overpowering urge to sleep. I’m happy to say that this was not the case for the third episode. We’ll have to wait and see if it’s a home run, but as far as entertainment and shock value is concerned, it gets a gold star. So, when the movie hits your local theater, check it out! Until then, enjoy the trailer.

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