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Fun Costumes for Halloween

Terrance and PhillipWith Halloween coming around, I figured it would be a good time to show you guys some of the awesome Halloween costume ideas that have been floating around. There are a lot of costume ideas that I wish I had thought of first. There is one that I am proud of, though. Terrance and Phillip. It took my friend and I a few hours to make the mask, mostly due to the fact that we had one pair of scissors and a lot of cardboard to work with, but man it was worth it. We even got our picture on the LA Weekly. True story.

Great Halloween costume ideas are hard to come up with. Even if you though of something super clever, there are probably plenty of people who already thought about it and most likely did it better than you. Thank God for the internet. It’ll save you the time and trouble of having to design everything from scratch. Here are a few that I thought were awesome over the years. And who knows, maybe it’ll give you an idea for what you want to do for Halloween.

I just want to start off by saying I love Halloween, due purely to the fact that it’s the one day where women everywhere can dress up as a sexy something or other. You guys have it so easy. Think about it. Just add “sexy” to any character from a comic book, tv show or movie,  or even job professions that don’t lend itself to an attractive image (like plumber, lumberjack, construction worker, etc…) in your Google search and you will inevitably find some lady who was able to transform it into a sexy costume idea. It’s gotten to the point where there are now sexy condiments,


sexually ambiguous cartoon characters,




and even a wild celebrity or two. (Yes. This has become a thing. What is this world coming to???)


It’s crazy how this has been going on for a long time to the point where certain costume ideas have been done to death. So much so that it seems like someone out there has gone to the extreme of creating new costumes that make me cringe. For example, women have dressed up as male characters from comics and tv shows for the longest time. Just this past year, I’ve seen the ladies dressed up as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,


as well as some of the male lead marvel characters…

A Sexy Female Captain America Costume cyclops

And they’ve worked pretty well. All they had to do was take the most basic characteristics of any male character, make a few adjustments to show a little more skin, and voila, an awesome costume idea is born. However, there are some costume ideas that aren’t worth trying and it’s clear from the onset. I was browsing reddit the other day and saw this.

sexy bert and ernie

Not sure who thought of this, but if you need to include a face mask of the actual character to convey who it is, then the costume clearly isn’t working. Plus it sends confusing messages. I feel like a rubber ducky would’ve more than sufficed for Ernie while a drawn in uni-brow would’ve been fine for Bert. Who knows…maybe someone out there can make unibrows sexy. (I just checked google. It hasn’t been done yet. There’s probably a good reason too.)

One of the things that most worries me is the idea that people will just assume that anything can be made sexy just by making an outfit a little bit more revealing, which is partially true, but the point is to remove any of the indicators that the costume is manly. Hence why the Bert and Ernie costume didn’t work..for me anyways.

Ladies, if you want to dress up in a sexy costume, keep doing what you have been doing. Just don’t go too far.

The guys have it pretty easy. Our main goal is how we can either look cool or interesting so to speak. And usually we dress with a nerdy group theme in mind…


Like mafia stormtroopers,

mario kart.

the cast from Mario Kart (one of my favorites by the way…)

roller coaster

or an awesome roller coaster train. Seriously… this is perhaps one of the best ideas to ever come out. The only downside is that it requires a lot of time and patience to make.

If you have no friends and you’re really lonely… You can always do this.

Single guy

And for those of you who are in a relationship, there are plenty of cool couples theme costume ideas out there. These two are my favorites.

Lightning-Strike  double_rainbow

The last one is cute, but confusing. Mario should end up with the princess, right? Ah well..who am I to judge. 

halloween costumes for couples (19)

Whatever the costume, make sure you have fun. Just don’t be lazy.


Jun Kim
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