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Don’t Stop: Old School Raps New School Flow

Don’t Stop is the newest EP from one of our long-time contributors, Cee Jay. He gives us an artist’s-eye view of the tracks, which he describes as “old school raps [with] new school flow.” He also shares the first video off the EP, Dynamite (Rock Tonight), a funky, get-hype track with some head-bopping brass. I dare you to try and sit still while listening.

Don’t Stop EP


Wake up  

Wake up is a song that details an abusive relationship. There is a lot of pain in the song, but I think it shows that while abuse is an issue,  painting  the people in those relationships isn’t a simple matter. To me the bottom line is at the end of the song; if you are going through this, say something. 

Don’t Stop  

logofinalThe transition from wake up to don’t stop was very intentional. I wanted to make the point that you don’t have to give in to hatred, depression, or vengeful thoughts. Sonya -Maria really added something great to that song, and I like a couple of bars I have there.


Radio is just smooth. I wanted to pick at radio stations a little bit, but have some fun at the second time. That second verse is so always fun to do live. 


This is just some good clean fun. Jack Zilla always pushes me to do my best writing, and Sonya-Maria killed the end of the song. This is probably the most fun I’ve had in the studio. 

Dance, Westside 

This song is a bit older, but I wanted to include a song with me just going all out lyrically. Rappity rapping can be a bit boring at times depending on who is doing it, so I just wanted to rap my ass off and have fun at the same time. 



This feels like hybrid of Will Smith’s Summer Time mixed with Bruno Mars’ 24k Magic, but I still show out on the first verse. This comes after Dance, Westside because the focus here is on the hook for me. I love when I go to the club and people are chanting certain hooks in the room. Dynamite is made for people ready to go out.





CJ Gardner
CJ Gardner (AKA CJ Infinite) has been teaching in South Korea since 2008. An English literature major from Los Angeles, Mr. Gardner has lived in both large and small cities in Korea while working on music and spending time with friends. In the last year, he has partnered with the promotion company Show Kings Entertainment in order to reincorporate quality hip hop into the Seoul nightlife and to keep Gangnam-Style-like songs from ever being played in a nightclub again.

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